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F to prompt the search field. 6 MAK FIELD MAK FIELD CODE FOR U. MILITARY-ISSUE WEAPONS MAK FIELD CODES FOR Titan gel store in the philippines U. 5 contains MAK Field codes listed alphabetically by gun manufacturer.

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If a make is not listed, the code ZZZ should be entered as characters 1 through 3 of the MAK Field with the actual manufacturer’s name appearing in positions 4 through 23. This manufacturer’s name will appear as entered in any record response. 2 MAK FIELD CODE FOR U. MAK Field code USA should be used. 3 MAK FIELD CODES FOR NONMILITARY U. For a nonmilitary weapon bearing a U. Government property inscription and the manufacturer’s name on the frame or receiver, the appropriate manufacturer’s MAK Field code from Section 1.

CLT should be used for Colt revolvers bearing the inscription U. Border patrol, Naval Investigative Service, U. Foreign military firearms should be coded according to the make on the firearm. If the make is undeterminable, codes should be selected according to the country where the gun was manufactured. If neither the make nor the country where manufactured is known, additional information concerning coding can be found in the Gun File chapter in the NCIC 2000 Operating Manual.

A W C Systems Technology A. Campeon Patent Esmit Especial Hijos de C. Topper Trapper Tycoon Young America D. Crac Short Delphian Model 9 Diamond Essex Favorite George Worthington Gibralter Goose Gun Long Tom Model 167H Model 948E New White Powder Wonder Nitro Nitro Marvel Nitro Proof Northwesterner Peerless Riverside Arms Co. Advance Gun Works, LLC Advanced Armament, Inc. Advantage Advantage Arms Aero Precision, Inc.

Inland Division, General Motors International Postal Meter Kanarr Corp. Akdal Arms or Ucyildiz Arms Inds. Ltd Akkar Silah Sanayi TIC, Ltd. MDI ALM Model of Maadi Also brand name of Stoeger on Rohm revolver and Alamo Leather Co.

Brand name of Hood Firearms Co. TOW AME Brand name of Townley Metal Co. 38 single-shot derringer and stainless . American Steam Works American Weapons Corp. Armas Erbi Armas Gib-Maximo ARMAS International Manufacturing Co. Houston, TX Do not confuse with Arsenal of Bulgaria or Arsenal U. Also see TMW Engineering See AMT.

Shotgun model of Universal Firearms Corp. Model of Sedgley or various other mfrs. Belknap Hardware Model B-63 Model B-64 Model B-65C Model B-68 Model B-963 Model B-964 Model B-967 Belleri, Luigi Bellmore Gun Co. Big D Chicago Cub Dixon-Cheyenne Liberty Arms Co.

Rhoem Gesellschaft Rohm Romo Rosco Senorita Shorty Sougun Thalso Thalson Co. Model of Darne shotguns Brand name of L. Brand name of Bridge Gun Co. Blue Ridge Precision Gunworks Blue Ridge Precision Gunworks Bridgeport Arms Co. HUN NOO Brand name of Hunter Arms Co.

Brand name of Hunter Arms Co. BRI ACL Imported by Action Arms, Ltd. England Name appearing on slides of pistols. Serial numbers with JPE prefix are manufactured by J’s Pacific Enterprise in Pomona, CA. If Brolin Arms appears on the weapon but the serial number does not have a JPE prefix, contact CJIS staff at 304-625-3000 for code. Distributors, Iver Johnson, or EMF Co.

Irwin, CA Model of Hijos de C. Charles Daly brand of guns for KBI, Inc. Chesterfield, VA Brand name of American Import Co. CLD HUN CKL North Ridge, CA Brand of Hunter Arms Co. Coast-to-Coast Stores Model 42 Cobb Mfg. Joint operation with Henry Repeating Rifle Co.

Brand name of John Meunier Gun Co. Atlanta, GA Brand of Hunter Arms Co. Connecticut Valley Arms Connecticut Valley Classic, Inc. Brand of Great Western Arms Corp. Zanotti Brand name used by Navy Arms Co.

Dacin, Roger Daewoo Stoeger Industries, Inc. Korea and imported to the U. Early brand name of Savage Mfr. Brand name used by Crescent, Davis Warner, and N. Simmon’s Quails Fargo Virginia Arms Co. NOB BWI DEE Model of Noble Bowers Inds. Demro Tac 1 Denard, John C.

Jericho Mountain Eagle Uzi Desert Industries, Inc. Stevens Model of Miroku Firearm Co. Brand of Crescent Model of Wilkinson Arms Co. Rohm Importer’s brand name and model used by American Import Co.

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Brand name of Stevens Brand name of Meriden Firearms Co. Ed Agramonte Ed Brown Products, Inc. Spain Model of Davenport shotgun Mfd. Italy Formerly known as Shoeless Ventures, Inc. Collinsville, OK Model of High Standard Mfd.

Florida Florida Firearms FMK Firearms, Inc. Do not confuse with Rigarmi Mfd. GAT GUC Early machine guns St. Manufacture Francaise D’Armes et Cycles St. Genossenshaft Der Buchsenmachermeister Genschow, Gustav E. Brand name of Marlin Firearms Co. WAM HRC Model of Whamo Mfr.

Model of Thompson Center Arms Co. Model of shotguns Brand of A. Colt firearms as joint operation with Colt Black Powder Co. Civil War muskets Single-shot rifles made by Remington Arms Co. Higgins weapons are production numbers, not serial numbers.

HUS HWP May appear on guns mfd. Shipped by Springfield Armory Formerly known as Israel Military Ind. IOG TDE San Antonio, TX Stainless . Also known as ITM Arms Co.

Made by Robes for Phoenix Arms Co. IGL SMO MEU Browning-type pistol Various mfrs. JPF RIG JWL Maryville, MO Also know as J. SSK KMP Use only when mfr. See Knight Armament Model of Sheridan Products, Inc.

Model of Colt Harry Lawson Co. LEP JJC Civil War revolvers Mfd. MAR MRI Model of Marlin shotgun Mfd. Microtech Small Arms Research Midland Gun Co. Trade name of importer Marubeni American Corp. South Africa Brand of Hunter Arms Co. Modelo Corla Modern Muzzle Loading, Inc.