Titan gel gold sk

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titan gel gold sk

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Obsloužíme Vás po předchozí telefonické dohodě i mimo pracovní dobu. Please forward this error screen to 8de. The midwests quickest and fastest snowmobile-powered drag bike at 9. Comment: The bike was purchased in 2005 and went through an extensive rebuild taking 2 years. Every bolt and nut besides engine fixtures were run though a tumbler before they were installed back onto the bike. Various parts were sourced off of U. GSXR rear shock, RC30 fairing fasteners and Dzus.

This was my first time ever trying to paint anything and your slick already faired product made it that much easier. Thanks again for producing such a fantastic fairing. The bike is finished, the quality of the fiberglass is very good and it fit perfectly. CB650 exhaust, rearsets, clip ons, dual discs and more. Finished installing your Royal Enfield gas tank on my new Ducati single.

Very nice fit with good steering lock ,etc. Here is a link to the BUB results page. 3500 beat the F2 Racing guys this year so I guess the pictures are of the World’s fastest dirt bike! Our best one way speed was 132.